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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 28, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PDT

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with an a. s say they have no regrets and will donate proceeds to an anti-abuse. >> i sense a publicity stunt on this one. that is lady gaga posted the naked face photoand included the message. have a beautiful day to the s. that is the most normal i have seen lady gaga. she looks beautiful in that photo. lady gaga you don't need the crazy stuff all over you. one last check on the live feed for you. insects in straw traw flavored drink necessary -- drinks in starbucks. if you lock at what they.
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okay, there is a point and totally gross and who gave them permission to serve up bugs. next they'll say they are organic. and we have over 80 comments on the alisia silverstone feeding her son mouth to mouth. of mother of twins and i understand chewing up something difficult to child to chew and make breaking it off. however, mouth to mouth, no, no, no. adults mouths have been places that children's would never be. >> not necessarily in ours. thank you for talkingitous on
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the bay area gets another good soaking, and with the rain though comes damage. toppled trees, sliding hills and of course slick roads. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson jie. and i'm dan ashley. we certainly need the rain, just not the problems it brings. we have live storm watch coverage from around the bay. >> let's begin with sandhya patel. >> let me should show you live doppler 7hd. it has quieted down, and we still have gusty winds along
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the coast. gusting to 20 miles an hour. you can see that the rainfall is definitely diminishing. right now we do have some rain around morgan hill and gilroy. it is light to moderate along highway 101 as we take you into the east bay. very light returns around the fremont area and out toward 84 and looking up to the north this is what we are watching. we still have some rainfall, and this is heading down toward the santa rosa area. it is about 38 miles away. the rain has been coming down and it has been heavy in some spots. as you look here, the river has exceeded its flood stage. it surpassed the flood stage, and it is 24.42 feet. the flood state stage is 24 feet. it is expected to peak as more rain is coming. your morning commute is going to be wet. dan, i will let you know when you may be able to put the umbrella usa way. >> too much rain and too soon causing problems in a number
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of areas. let's go first to marin. john alston is live. >> power outages too. there was some minor flooding along 101. that's one of the low spots in marin county. much of the day there was a dark blob hanging over the north bay dumping rain and bringing the heavy wind. the downside of living in a wooded paradise. around 7:00, a hundred foot oak toppled on to a home in fairfax. three people were briefly trapped inside, but no one was hurt. a neighbor says it turned into a disaster block party. >> it was like a jet plane. i said what the bleep was that. maybe it was a jet plane that went by. and then i thought it was an earthquake. i looked around and came out and all of the neighbors in the street came out and we saw the tree on the ground. >> the creek is roaring tonight. it is still a long way from flood stage, but it has the attention of wendy who lives
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alongside the rushing water. >> it appeals to a side of me that gets excited about nature. there is that side, and then another side tells me it is fairly close to my living side. >> there is a drain next to the creek bank. >> and you can see when you look over there it is eroding the tree in the bay. i am concerned over time what that will mean to the hillside and my home. >> in larkspur betty was cooking with gas, and that was the only utility working at the time. her home and 600 others went dark for two hours when power lines came down. >> came home a half an hour ago and went to turn on the lights and realized there was a power outage. it was actually a brown out. we are prepared. >> part of the highway was blocked because of this rock slide. and an off duty marin county sheriff deputy suffered bruises to his face when his personal car spun out on highway 37 near novato and hit
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a guardrail. about 120 pg&e customers still have no power. most should get their electricity back around midnight. john alston, abc news. >> thank you, john. speaking of downed power lines they caused problems in the east bay. that's where alan wang is in oakland for us. alan? >> this is one of the many scenes near highway 13 in oakland. pg&e crews are on the scene, and it is still unclear how some high voltage power lines trapped a passenger inside. >> when the high voltage power line fell on top of an ac transit bus, the passengers did the right thing. they stayed on the bus. pg&e crews say park boulevard from highway 13 to estates drive will be closed until 2:00 a.m. there was another close call in pittsburgh around 7:30. the chp says they were responding to a three-car
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collision on westbound highway 4 in pittsburgh when another car lost control and crashed into the scene injuring one of the drivers who was standing next to the guardrail. >> she was between a vehicle and the guardrail. >> she was siting on the guardrail? >> she wasn't sitting, but she was outside standing. >> then what happened? >> the vehicle that spun out of control struck her vehicle and then moved it and pinched her between the guardrail and her car. >> it was enough to cause a small power outage at monument boulevard. pg&e says this power pole was already damaged from wood rot, but this weather finally did it in. earlier this afternoon gusty winds caused this 60-foot tree to snap and fall on to an abandoned apartment complex in castro valley. no one was injured. those were some of the scenes we were able to cover in the east bay. alan wang, abc7 news.
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>> thanks, alan. strong wind gusts are causing flight delays up to four hours at sfo. beware if you are catching a red eye or out early in the morning. you can look at the flight tracker at the bottom of the page to check on delays. the storm system is bringing snow to the sierra. a winter storm warning is in affect in parts of the a half a foot fell creating great skiing conditions, but making droifg a challenge. driving a challenge. chains are required on highway 80, but not on highway 50. we will obviously continue to track the storm closely for you. you can go to to access our interactive live doppler 7hd and get street level radar. what it is doing where you live. the search for a missing teenager is intensifying in the south bay. sierra lamar disappeared, and now they have a new theory on
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what happened to her. lisa amin gulezian joins us from the search center near morgan hill with the latest. >> carolyn, this entire time they have called this a missing person's case. they president were sure if sierra simply ran away -- they weren't sure if sierra simply ran away. now they think she voluntarily left with someone and that someone is stoping her from coming home. >> with more time you wonder what is happening with her and where she is and does somebody have her? >> sierra lamar's parents are trying to keep their minds from wandering to a dark place. especially now that investigators have reclassified the 15-year-old's case. now they say there is a chance someone is holding her against her will. >> it could be she voluntarily left the home and then at some point soon after came into contact with somebody that now is -- has involuntarily kept her missing.
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>> the fbi is focusing on the area surrounding sierra's home. and family members have completed several interviews and polygraph tests. meanwhile, the first massive volunteer search effort took place in fields, reservoirs and parks. for many, knowing sierra did not run away reuh officials their dedication. >> it makes me want to be out there and be involved with our community and say enough is enough. these are our kids of the don't touch them. >> that commit meant and this -- that commitment and this line of hundreds wanting to help are giving them hope. >> because of this response and the community coming together, i know sierra's chances of having a safe return is increasing. >> and this center behind me will reopen at 8:00 a.m. volunteers will work out of it until sunday. tonight the family did set up
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the sierra lamar donation fund at all chase bank locations. live in morgan hill, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you. the parents of the teenager killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer in florida spent one month anniversary of their son's death on on capitol hill. trayvon martin's mother and father testified on the issue of racial profiling and hate crimes. >> trayvon was our son, but trayvon is your son. a lot of people can relate to our situation. and it breaks their heart like it breaks mine. >> he is sadly missed, and we will continue to fight for justice for him. >> george zimmerman, the man who shot martin claims he the acted in self-defense and he has not been charged. murder charges were filed against the man accused of killing five people inside their san francisco home. 35-year-old ben thai luck was arrested sunday at his western edition apartment. the charges include special
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circumstances, making luck eligible for the death penalty. the district attorney says he has not yet decided whether to seek it. luck is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. suspended san francisco sheriff has officially begun fighting to get his job back. his new attorney asked a superior court judge to immediately reinstate him on the grounds that language is constitutionally vague about official misconduct. mayor ed leigh success spended him saying he was guilty of misconduct after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment in a domestic violence case involving his wife. there are new charges against the former california democratic campaign treasurer dirky. prosecutors charged her with defraudion at least 50 candidates out of $chef million million -- $7 million. dirky was arrested after being accused of stealing millions from senator dianne feinstein's campaign
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accounts. the sacramento bee is reporting that dirky is expected to enter a guilty plea as soon as friday. a scare in the sky when a pilot freaks out midair. >> i threw him to the floor. >> the passengers sprang into action. what the airline is saying about the pilot tonight. >> plus, a revolutionary way to fight cancer. stanford scientists think they can help the body destroy cancer cells. >> and you are seeing a man trapped in mud. it has firefighters getting down and dirty. 3q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home
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with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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incident of strange behavior in the air. a jet blue captain who was not at the controls started acting erratically and flipping switches in the cockpit. his copilot tricked him into going into the passenger compartment and then locked him out. now, the story from there. >> passengers in the aisle are holding down not an unruly passenger, but the captain of the plane. in the cockpit his copilot radioing an emergency and asking for an unscheduled immediate landing in amarillo,
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texas. a third jet blue pilot off duty and riding as a passenger sliped into the cockpit to help with the controls. the captain pacing the aisles pounding on the cockpit door. >> started banging on the door and kicking on the door trying to get in the cockpit. before that he was actually yelling it was going to blowup. >> a flight attendant screamed for help and as many as five passengers helped tackle the now shouting captain. >> he started to curse at me. he was trying to tell me, you better pray. so i said, you know what? i'm going to show you what iraq and iran is and i took him in a chokehold. >> dave gonzalez a former corrections officer from new york brought him down with a chokehold. >> i wasn't letting go of this guy hntil we were landing the plane. >> they talked to the copilot and loaded the handcuffed captain to a wheelchair and ambulance. it is not the first time airline crews have alarmed passengers. just this month an american airlines flight attendant who said she was bi-polar was
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restrained after threatening impending doom over the pa. the plane returned to the gate. >> jim avila reporting. the captain is clayton osbon. they say he was ill and taken to a medical facility. "nightline" will have more after this newscast. health news now, stanford university researchers think they have that way that could help the human body fight cancer cells. the research paired antibodies with a protein known as cd47. that combination has been known to slow the growth of tumors in mice in a wide variety of cancers. now researchers have to figure out if it is safe for humans. a dirty job for firecrews in atlanta. look at this picture. they rescued a man stuck in the mud. there he is. he was walking near a muddy construction site on saturday when he began to sink. he was reportedly there for hours before someone called for help. the man suffered from hypothermia, but after a long shower, the man is apparently now just fine. very scary and strange. >> goodness.
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just a remarkable thing that he survived that. we are seeing rain across the bay area right now. >> sandhya patel is back with the forecast. >> carolyn, let me show you the live doppler 7hd. it is no where near the intensity we saw earlier today. we still have some. itit is heading up to ukiah up the 101, and we are seeing light to moderate rain developing. we still have some spotty showers in the east bay around berkeley and heading across the bay bridge and around fremont and mill pea ties and down toward the monterey bay. steady light rain along highway 101 right now. so let me show you what it looks like in the sierra nevada. chain controls as snow is falling across all roads lead together lake tahoe area right now. even 50 is requiring chains right now. basically if you are heading up to the high country, there is a winter storm warning. details on that in a moment. look at these rain totals.
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venado, 6 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. as you can clearly see, 1.66 in santa rosa, kentfield over 2 inches. ben low man mountain 2 and a half. out toward oakland it is .80. redwood city more than an inch. down toward san jose, not as much. .15 there. fairfield over an inch and livermore, three quarters of an inch of rain has fallen and will still be adding more to those totals. here are the highlights, scatter ited showers for the morning commute and a break begins late on wednesday and the rain returns by week's end. yes, it will fall on part of your weekend. tell about you that in a moment. the cold front pushes through overnight. it is already losing steam as the trough is pushing to the north. the front is not holding togetherett well. the trough will come through as we head into the overnight. a few showers tonight and then as that trough slides down, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow you can certainly see some showers around for your morning commute. so you will need to give yourself a little extra time tomorrow morning for that commute. and then we start to see sunny
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breaks late in the morning and heading into the afternoon. isolated showers in the hills possible into the late morning hours. then it is pretty much done and over with. you will need your shades as well as we head into your wednesday. winter storm warning for the sierra nevada. 1-2 feet expected above 7500. 8 to 12 inches above 6,000. chains required right now and will be required into tomorrow. speaking of tomorrow, we are looking at some real mild readings in the morning. upper 40s to the low 50s with some rain out there or showers out there. tomorrow afternoon though, i think you will need the shades. the temperatures are coming up. upper 50s to the mid60s. 63 in santa rosa and 60 in san francisco. you will see partly cloudy skies and 64 s alto and san jose. sunshine in concord and antioch. 65 degrees. for the monterey bay, 64 in santa cruz and inland in morgan hill. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast, morning showers tomorrow followed by a dry day
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on thursday. it is milder and a chance of rain returning on friday and then everyone is getting wet. and it is windy on saturday. part of your weekend does not look good. sunday and monday is dry again and then tuesday, carolyn and dan we will bring in another chance of rain in the north bay. >> thanks, sandhya ?ie. a winning mega millions lotto take cet was sold in the bay area. >> but no one hit the big jackpot. what it will be for the next drawing.
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supers have a scaled down -- supervisors have a scaled down plan for the america's cup. it is scaled down, but includes $20 million for pier and water front improvement. races began in october and november of this year. the cup finals will take place in september of next year. it is the first time they will host this prestigious sailing competition. brace yourselves. friday's mega millions is up to a record shattering $476 million. that's because nobody hit all six numbers in the drawing for tonight's $363 million jackpot. the numbers drawn were 9, 19, 34, 44, 51. the mega ball was 24.
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someone in marin county is pretty happy right now. jolly king liquors in mill valley sold a ticket with five of the numbers, but not the mega ball. it is worth about $310,000 for that ticket. >> not too shabby. but the one on friday is the one i am going to win. >> won't that be nice? >> i am amazed we haven't won this thing yet. i mean, the newsroom pool room is just exhausted. we have lotto exhaustion. the warriors go down to the wire with kobe and the lakers. could the gritty, the guty and the under sized f fddddddddddddd
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good evening. the warriors hosted the lakers. they are trying to battle a much big laker team. then it was kobe time. his phone was blowing up because of the huge deal he closed. i'll take that from exwarrior matt barnes. then kobe schooling him and hangs and hits the bank shop. watch and learn, rooky could. gasol with the hook and the lane. the warriors in a mad rush and
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brandon rush with authority. and then thompson setting him up here and 23 for rush. a nice finish at the rim. tied at 95 and david lee with a running hook there. warrer whys by two. kobe who was benched sunday night in the fourth beats one double team to tie and then thompson doubles it. 30 for bryant and two-point laker lead. it rolls off the rim. the warriors fall and 104-101. the semifinal in the garden and josh owens is showing up and sewing up angry. owens is inside. it is 15 points and 12 boards for owens. he strokes a three and umass is up one. anthony brown with 13 of his 18 in the second half. stanford is a winner. and they will meet minnesota in the nit final. the giants-dodgers rivalry
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just took a new and expensive twist. magic johnson's group won the bidding for the dodgers at auction for a staggering $2 billion. one of magic's partners is the warriors' co-owner. i think he has money. giants and angels in the cactus league action. good to see timlin tim lincecum reunite with buster posey. timmy wants to start the regular season already. he gave up five in two innings and struck out a couple in the 6th. this is what giant fans want to see. an r.b.i single to tie it. but he triples off lopez and scoring everybody. the angels win it 5-3. tape delayed at 6:00 a.m. and the viewing party at dan ashley's house. players visited the tsunami ravaged city. tons of destroyed cars are still there. major league baseball donated $ $5,000 in disaster relief. will bill parcels come out of
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retirement to coach the saints? it is being discussed. sean payton is supposed to start his year long suspension on sunday. it is the penalty for running the saints bounty program, one year out of football. >> you go through a range of emotions that hit you. you are disappointed in yourself that it got to this point. >> interesting to see if bill parcels at age 70 wants to coach again. >> why? >> he didn't win the lotto. >> well, "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. have a great evening, everyone. >> for larry beil, sandhya patel and all of us, we appreciate your time. >> good night.
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and a troubled southern california nuclear plant is going to remain closed at least for now. investigators at the san onofre plant are trying to figure out what is causing the tubes which carry radioactive waste to wear out more quickly than they should. the plant's four steam generators contain about 10,000 of those tubes. a tampa area mother has filed a lawsuit after a nurse accidentally cut off part of her baby's finger. she was 3 months old when she was admitted to florida regional medical center for bronchitis last october. her mother was holding her in her lap while the nurse was removing the i.v. and snipped off half of her left pinky. >> it's really hard that she -- she was born so perfect and they just -- she just cut off her finger.
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now she's -- now she only has nine fingers. that's really hard. >> still healthy, though. the child was rushed to a hand specialist, but the finger could not be reattached. a hospital spokesperson says they deeply regret the harm done to the child. they've reached out to the family but couldn't come to an agreement. the child is healthy. that's the most important thing. an unfortunate accident, though. >> a beautiful girl. look at that. two cousins charged with accidentally starting the largest wildfire in arizona history have pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges. caleb and david malboeuf are each facing up to a year in prison and also a $10,000 fine. in a deal with prosecutors, the men admitted to leaving their campfire unattended last year. it burned more than 500,000 acres, also destroyed three dozen homes. just west of denver, investigators are looking into whether a controlled burn may have reignited and then exploded into a fast-moving wildfire. another likely factor, this year's bizarre weather which has turned that area into a virtual
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tinderbox. with more on this, here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: air tankers launched an assault on a blaze that's turned deadly. an elderly couple was killed. another woman is missing. among the smoke, the ruins of at least 23 houses. new hot spots brought new evacuations. amy gardner and her family -- >> my three kids, two dogs and two cats. >> reporter: -- spent the night in their minivan. >> pretty scary. you can't really think straight. >> reporter: across the west, dry, warm conditions and a lack of winter snowfall are fueling an early start to the fire season. here in the denver area, march is usually one of the snowiest months of the year. so far this month they've only had a dusting. and right now it's drier than it's been in 130 years. these early season fires are
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already stretching limited resources. >> we're struggling for getting hand crews in to actually put fires out. >> reporter: if these conditions persist, and forecasters say they will -- >> i anticipate this fire season will be one of the top ten on record. >> reporter: -- that could make for a long, very hot summer. clayton sandell, abc news, aspen park, colorado. >> another downside to an early spring. so dry. here's a look at your weather. a dry, warm day in the colorado fire zone. scattered showers from the soutaintees afternoon thunderstor via, o.canand chaet boston. >> 65 in new york. 77 in baltimore. 82 in miami. 63 in chicago. 53 in fargo. phoenix at 83. albuquerque, 74. boise, 61. >> one of the best days of the year. today is the day baseball fans have been waiting for


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